About UTiZ

UTiZ Facility Management Services is a unit of UTiZ Global Ventures Pvt Ltd, a Multinational Company headquartered at Singapore and a conglomerate founded under the leadership and expertise of a team who carry rich industry experiences.

UTiZ is one of the largest group in Asia in its category, deploying excessive manpower and still counting. From the company’s inception its founders focused all their efforts to brand the name UTiZ as a mascot of quality in Facilities Management industry.

UTiZ has been working through its various arms and is highly specialized in catering to Hospitals, Airlines, Corporates, IT Parks, Banks, Hotels, Malls, Supermarkets, Residential Complex, Education, Retail, Individual Showrooms etc. UTiZ expertise includes Housekeeping, Security Services, Facility management consultancy, Post construction cleaning, Facade Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Gardening and Landscaping, Pest control services, Manpower Solutions ( Electrical, Plumbing, STP & WTP, Swimming pool Maintenance, Office Attenders, Store Keepers, Drivers, Bikers cum Delivery-Executives).

Due to the wide range of services/trades and extensive market knowledge, UTiZ can meet the client’s increasingly complex requirements with competitive practical solutions. Our technology solutions are uniquely positioned to help our clients cut down on wastage of manpower and financial resources and maximize utilization. Our solutions span from efficient dashboard based applications to help get a holistic view of the process flow to complex robotics based products to augment human capacity. Our ERP based platform helps you to choose from features that can help you optimize various workflows like HR, supply chain, logistics management, financial reporting, audit etc.


Ethos & Values

UTiZ Facility Management Services has developed a culture based on strong vision and a set of values which puts people first. Our team is passionate about creating new partnerships and excited about the prospects of adding new personnel to our client base. Respect is one of our core values and this includes making equality central to our activities. We are committed to ensuring that our practices are fair and accessible to you, our people and the diverse society we work in.

UTiZ is distinctly different from other facility management firms in terms of transparency, accountability, legal conformity, pay-outs and staff welfare. Measures for ensuring Quality –To implement quality assurance, UTiZ Facility Management Services follows company organizational procedures that have been established to comply with current legislation. These include reports, forms, audits and other quality assuring activities. UTiZ’s quality assurance is prevention-driven, in that the goal is to prevent a lack of quality.


UTiZ Facility Management Services are committed to promoting sustainability in all aspects of our business. Our primary aim is to reduce our impact on the environment and to help our clients to do the same. We aim to comply with all applicable legislation and to integrate Sustainability into our company’s decisions. We insist that our employee’s implement our sustainability policy. We strive to limit the impact of all transport activities and annually review to improve our sustainability performance.

Our company operates a waste management policy and at all times we try to order materials as accurately as possible; arrange for ‘just in time’ deliveries to reduce storage, consider the source of materials, consider if the packaging can be reused or recycled and always recycle suitable spoil, demolition materials and surplus construction materials arising from the works on site to avoid the need to transport material.


  • Quality of facility services by ensuring safety, security, amenities, access and a clean and comfortable environment in compliance with global standards.
  • Conservation of facility by modernization of practices, equipment and materials.
  • Effective deployment and utilization of out sourced manpower.
  • Modifications for aesthetic appearance.

Facility Management Consultancy


UTiZ is a professional advisory service and provider of a high end facility management solutions. Our services will have a room where a client is not ready to compromise in quality and have a concept in the level of competency in the services whatever they deliver. Our activities will be a part of Quality drive of client Organization. It consists of the process of conceiving a quality benchmark; preparations of policies; providing sufficient training; methods of implementation; continues audit and surveillance.

A team of experts from our part will observe the functions of client institution and regularly interact with the top management with identified concerns, action plans and action taken reportsices will have a room where a client is not ready to compromise in quality and have a concept in the level of competency in the services whatever they deliver.