MD's Message

Industry is being revolutionized and getting increasingly competitive and complex, it therefore becomes essential for companies to concentrate more on their core businesses in order to deliver value.

UTiZ Facility Management Services since its establishment has grown exponentially and is taking a next step into developing as one of the India's foremost total facilities management companies, emerging as one of the market leader in smart FM technology as well as sustainability.

Our highly skilled workforce has grown exponentially across last few months and we have a global presence across Asia and other neighbouring regions with our headquarters based out of Singapore.Currently, we deliver professional FM services to prominent clients in India. We are also making significant inroads into the big corporate giants industry.

So, it is with an air of confidence and positive anticipation, that we look forward to our great business hold in the Facility Management Industry segment, with an aim to grow and deliver our best services to other Industries like Human Resources and Information Technology.The satisfaction of our customers is our greatest reward. It inspires us to be innovative and motivates us to excel.

Yours Sincerely ,

Nithesh S Nair